Friendly Group is Growing

We Are a Family of Home Service Companies

We’re building a leading home services company through the acquisition of select HVAC, plumbing, and electrical companies whose owners share our vision and values.

Owner of Just Right Heating & Cooling. Owner of Just Right Heating & Cooling. Owner of Ambient Edge. Owner of Friendly Home Services.

Friendly Group Owner-Partners

Unlocking Latent Potential

We help people realize their potential, driving growth and increasing value.

Our team talks about who we are, why we’re different, and what that means for potential partners.

Results speak for themselves. Listen to employees and partners talk about the impact of becoming part of a larger network.

When they joined the Friendly Group family, these owners stayed on as partners, allowing them to continue to build the brands they created.

Likeminded Values Make Better Partnerships

When values align, your company's culture stays the same in all the most important ways.

...the most important thing to me was making sure the…group I was going to join aligned with my core values…what I built this company on.- Steve Lewis, President

Joining Friendly Group

What are employees and owners saying about their experience?

I’m generally a pretty skeptical person…but watching how fast and seamless it was and how everything they were saying was is literally a win-win.- John Owen, Installation Manager

Hometown Culture With Power from the Pack

There’s Power in the Pack is more than a tagline—it shows up for partners in tangible ways.

It changes the game; we’re no longer just that small town, successful company…skies are the limit with us now.- Jamie Sida, Human Resources

There's Power in the Pack

The Network is Growing!

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In addition to aligning with our values and vision, we’re looking for companies like this…