How We Work

Strategic Leadership With A

Friendly Point of View

Our finely tuned, holistic approach sets us apart.

Joe Bergman, CEO

Joe is the second of three generations of the Bergman family working in the HVAC industry. His twenty-plus years of experience informs our insight into the unique challenges that face home service companies.

Bill Coughlin, Board of Directors

Bill is the founder and managing partner of the Friendly Group’s mother company, Alchemy, which was created, in part, to fully realize his concept of Organizational Well-Being.

David Noseworthy, VP of Corporate Development

David brings his knowledge and expertise to the table when talking to possible Friendly Group partner companies. He works with each owner to find the right fit and the right timing, keeping each companies’ unique team at the forefront.

Team Expertise and Industry Know-How

Our Leadership Team Focuses On Developing Talent

Friendly Home Services meeting.

We’ve assembled a best-in-class management team, board of directors, and advisors, all working together to execute on a strategy that is distinctly different because it’s Friendly.

Our focus on quality management, strong process and tools, and our commitment to employees, customers, and brands is reflected in the team we’ve built to deliver on these strategic priorities. With experience in private equity investment, acquisition development, strategic marketing, IT, HR, and sales, and decades of combined experience in senior level management at leading industry manufacturers, there’s a lot of power in this pack.

Doing well by doing good means recognizing that profit is ultimately generated by people, and prioritizing culture, employees, and values is how our network generates returns.

Our Team Knows the Way

Our management team, board members, and advisors have extensive operational, financial, and investment expertise. We provide the mentorship, direction, resources, and capital required to take your strategic initiatives to the next level. As a member of the Friendly Group, you will work in a peer environment of like-minded people who are committed to our industry and all pulling toward our common goals.

The Friendly Group Management Team

The Friendly Group Board of Directors

There's Power in the Pack