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With A Conversation

We look for an alignment of values in strong, employee-focused cultures.

For the Team to Be Successful, Everyone Needs to Be pulling in the Same Direction

Our Criteria

We've Developed a Methodology for Finding the Right Fit

It’s not just about region, size, or financials—we employ a more holistic approach to qualifying potential partners.

We are looking for established brands with solid reputations. Companies that employees want to work for. Owners who have cultivated internal values right alongside an emphasis on services, customers, technicians, trucks, and equipment.

As we expand our network of home services companies across the United States, we’re looking for owners who want their organization's transition into the Friendly Group to be a conversation, not a transaction.

We Select for Success

Friendly Group is building a network of like-minded companies that share our vision and values that, at their core, focus on employees and customers.

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Strong Cultures of Quality, Service, and Training

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