WATCH: Selling Your HVAC and Plumbing Business from the Contractor’s Perspective


HVAC and Plumbing Business Owners Discuss Acquisition and Joining a Group

Video Discussion Overview

Friendly Group owner-operators discuss selling their business, being a part of a group, going through acquisition, and offer up some Friendly advice for those considering selling or joining a group.

Video Outline

Thinking about selling your business

  • Peace of mind with a group – reduced risk and liability (5:30)
  • Getting ready to sell – profitability and structure (7:43)
  • Your business does not have to be perfect before selling (8:47)
  • Know your values and make sure there is alignment (9:37)

Why Friendly Group

  • Relationships and being on a winning team (11:27)
  • Keeping our brand and culture and working with a team (13:11)
  • Talking with the other owners and reinvestment (15:38)

Discussing Due Diligence and Team Involvement

  • Having a good team to help, really helps (16:45)
  • Ask questions, get a mentor, and know mistakes are okay – be transparent (19:54)
  • Informing the team and new opportunities for employees (24:03)
  • Business as usual with better benefits (27:45)
  • “Power in the Pack” – Group of leaders pulling together makes the load a lot lighter (28:41)

There’s Power in the Pack

  • “Power in the Pack” – Group of leaders pulling together makes the load a lot lighter (28:41)
  • Driving each other to do better and sharing best practices (31:41)
  • Training and developing a learning center together (33:22)

The Selling Process & Check-In

  • What is the process like – financials review and offer, LOI, Due Diligence (36:32)
  • Deal structure and “second bite of the apple” (37:14)
  • Getting honest feedback before selling your business (38:50)
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There's Power in the Pack!